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How to Write the Best Movie Reviews for Your Movie Site

How to Write the Best Movie Reviews for Your Movie Site - If you have an entertainment website then you are always looking for fresh, new, fun, and interesting material to get your readers back again. Movie reviews are the best way to do that. People always want to know what other people think of the film they want to watch and they will explore the web to find this opinion. Now you can syndicate other site reviews, but why do it? You want readers to be loyal to you and your site and honest, they want to hear what you say and what you think. If you think you don't have the foggiest idea about how to write a fun, interesting movie reviews, then think again.

I will say everything you need to know.

1. Actively Watching Movies

- Yes, I realize that watching movies is a passive activity. Watching a movie is not something you do, it is something that happens to you. However, if you want to write good reviews, you must learn to watch movies with a critical eye. This means you have to pay attention to everything and I mean everything. Notice how the actors are placed in each photoshoot, setting, camera angle, and even music. All of these elements play a role in the story that is trying to be told and it's important to talk about it if you want to write interesting reviews that your readers will read every week to visit your site.

2. Take Copious Notes

- No, I don't expect you to sit in the theater with a pen and notebook in hand. But I hope you make a solid mental note. Information such as the name of the actor or who the director is is easy to find, but information such as camera shots or plot devices is not, so you need to train yourself not only to watch this type of information but also to remember it.

3. Summarize. Don't damage it.

- This is important. There's nothing worse than reading reviews that tell the whole film from beginning to end and leaving nothing for you to watch. People want your opinion, not so that you damage the film. A basic sum of the plots is all that is needed. From there you can talk about whether the plot is functioning properly or whether the plot is even a plot at all. Let the film's details be revealed when your readers see the film, not when they read your review.

4. Critical Analysis is the Key

- The difference between reviews that can be written by anyone and reviews that people will read is how well you analyze the film. Think about the papers that you should write for an information class in college. The professor does not want you to just tell him what the book is about but wants you to describe the themes in the book and how they relate to plots, characters, etc. The same applies to film reviews. No one wants a summary of the event or the storyline. A good review will examine the themes or ideas raised by the film and talk about how well or not the film executes the theme and ideas.

5. Show the Strengths and Weaknesses

- There is no perfect film and rarely a bad film, so take the time to talk about what the film does well and what is not so good.

6. Be Genuine

- For some people two thumbs up, for others it is rotten tomatoes. Whatever you choose as your ranking system, be the original. Try to find a hook that suits you. Just don't do something very similar to someone else or you will only look like an original copy of the original.

Follow these steps and you will write the best reviews the web has to offer and your readers will keep coming back for more than a week. Happy writing.

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