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Movie Reviews For Parents - So Annoying There!

Movie Reviews For Parents - So Annoying There! - Film review sites, in an effort to help, direct their reviews to the film's target audience. This makes sense, of course. Why do you want to market the film to someone who doesn't want to watch it? But is the strategy broken when it comes to children's films? Why? Because there is a massive segment of our society that has no choice but to watch children's films, however painful they are. These victims are known as parents.

Movie Reviews For Parents - So Annoying There!

Indeed, parents always get the tip of a short stick. Everyone pays attention to children. I realize it's noble, but let's be honest: kids will be pleased with almost all forms of entertainment as long as it's served on a bright monitor. Does that really help, for a reviewer to tell parents "Your kids will love 'Most Valuable Primates,'" a film about playing chimpanzee hockey? Of course not.

Most family movie review sites are no longer helpful. Naturally, they warn you about content that is inappropriate for your child, which is useful. But what about content that endangers the emotional and intellectual well-being of adults?

What parents really need is someone to warn them of a potentially annoying degree before their children are known and become addicted. Unfortunately, at least half of all children's production will fall into that category, which is quite annoying for any and all adults at close range.

Consider some examples from last year:

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Who can deny this film was made just because of a billion children like the phrase "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"? The adults who bring their children to this film suffer greatly. Someone should warn them!

G Force: Adult men and women don't watch guinea pig movies for fun. The only way to get adults to the theater is to captivate them with Will Arnett Development Arrested Development. But how could Arnett save them from migraine headaches caused by the film?

Hannah Montana This secret pop star adventure is reminiscent of all major Amtrak train accidents in the twentieth century. And with each new collision, the empire of Miley and Billy Ray just expanded. Adults hate this show, but for too many of them, it's too late to act.

But there are other titles too, which do not damage the sensitivity of adults. Pixar "Up" is an outstanding film and other films such as "Monsters Vs. Aliens" and "Bolt" are also respected. Good children's films are out there, but sometimes they dig because, for each Ratatouille, there is Strawberry Shortcake, two Barbies, and a Buddies film. Children's entertainment is a field of mine madness.

That's why parents need each other now more than ever. So let's help each other before it's too late!

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