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New 3D Movie Reviews

New 3D Movie Reviews - There's nothing better than a family movie night when you have the hottest 3D movie to watch. 3D movies are great for people of all ages because there are so many choices now. Families will love the animated 3D movies that kids really enjoy today and adults can watch 3D thriller or action films that will keep them up all night. Whether you are looking for a hot video or a night in the theater, you can't go wrong with 3D movies.

So what's hot in 3D movies today? Here is a review of three3D film area on a movie that might be your favorite

New 3D Movie Reviews

For family

How to Train Your Dragon in 3D

If you are looking for something to watch with your children you can't go wrong with a great animated film. Children will laugh and giggle and there are enough actions to keep mom and dad entertained. Dreamworks go to the top when they make this.

Shrek: The Final Chapter in 3D

Children all over the world love the adorable and surprising ogre, Shrek. Adults like romance. And everyone likes Donkeys. So what can be better than watching a series that ends in a great 3D movie? If you have ever wondered what will happen in the land of Far, Far Away if Shrek was never there to save the princesses and save the land, you will love this film. Poor Shrek mixes with people like Rumplestiltskin and sees life in a new light.

For Young and Old Adults

Avatars in 3D

One of the biggest films that appeared in 2009, people have been raving about it ever since and they couldn't get enough of it. And the 3D movie reviews on this show that this is a fun crowd. This film is filled with visuals that will make you dream at Technicolor! Even though it might be a little too ripe for the family home evening, if you have older teenagers you can enjoy this great 3D movie with them.

Alice in Wonderland in 3D

This is based on a children's book that is loved by the same name but with an improved storyline that is not for young children. Teenagers and adults will truly enjoy the visualization of real people who are alive again before their eyes. Disney has taken 3D movies to a whole new level with this one!

Come to the Theater Near You

Piranha 3D

If you like being scared and laughing at the same time, you won't want to miss this scary 3D movie. Full of action, blood, and terrible visuals that will jump out of the screen and make you scream. 3D films are discovering new genres and the horror genre is perfect to be the next one to amaze film fans around the world. 

It just came out in the cinema so if you want a real sensation to look at this before making it to the video! 3D movies are getting better and better, so take a look at one of these hot new 3D movies on video or capture them in the theater where they will really jolt you. The film has reached an entirely new level!

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