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What Movie Review Is Not

What Movie Review Is Not - Movie reviews are good to read, especially when you are really interested in the film. However, too often, they degenerate into film plot analysis. A film is more than just the plot. This is also more of a technical aspect.

There are many things you can learn from reviews, but there are also things that aren't.

What Movie Review Is Not

Movie reviews are not trailers. The trailer is very entertaining and informative to watch. It helps you learn about films and makes you eager to watch them. The trailer helps you set your expectations by giving you a sneak peek. 

However, film reviews are not trailers. This is a critical analysis of what makes films work and what doesn't.

Film reviews are not papers. Although reviews can be submitted to college professors when they need them, they are not papers. You don't need to consult with scientific articles or film textbooks to write movie reviews. 

It helps if you know about movie theory. But what you really need is extensive experience watching movies. If the reviews sound like paperwork, look for another.

Movie reviews are not advertisements. Reviews might promote the film but it's not a flashy ad campaign. This helps people understand films better and helps them decide whether to watch a movie or not. Movie reviewers who treat their reviews as advertisements lose credibility.

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